D.O.M.E. aims to bring an immersive practical experience for students from all years of schooling

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About D.O.M.E.

The D.O.M.E. project (Design your Own Multimedia learning Environment) aims to empower students by involving them in building a low-cost planetarium system and developing presentations that will engage the local community and allow them to benefit from the planetarium and its associated resources. This DIY planetarium will provide for the students the opportunity to increase their competence profiles as well as the science capital of their community and the scientific reasoning and awareness of its members.

The project will produce one planetarium in each partner country, at least, and disseminate manuals and tutorials how to build your own DIY planetarium. These guidelines and resources that will enable the successful achievement of the project’s goals, such as an Implementation Kit, presentation guidelines and a resource toolkit to assist the preparation of the planetarium shows by the students.

In addition to the successful building and operation of at least one planetarium in each participating country, the partnership expects that the project will encourage additional schools to embark on D.O.M.E and replicate the same methodology, establishing a larger community composed of several astronomy hubs in schools. All results will remain available for the community on the project’s website, cementing its sustainability and legacy.

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