Here you can access all documents and files needed to create a DOME yourself!

Probably the first documents you need are: the D.O.M.E. Material List and the D.O.M.E. Mounting Guide.

Nevertheless, you should also have the 3D Printer Files and the Lens Support Mounting Guide to use after your planetarium is assembled.

Actually, all you need is available through the buttons bellow.

Of course, these files are already sufficient to begin your own DIY cardboard planetarium.

However, if you want more context, you can get the Pedagogical Framework and the Implementation Framework to help you on how to use this project in the classroom context or in science clubs in your school.

We suggest using the Stellarium software, but there are many others just as good, if you have any question, let us know.

Alternatively, you can choose to show a video. For this case we have this Video List with excellent presentations to display in a DIY cardboard planetarium.

At last, if you want to change your dome dimensions, you can always use the D.O,M.E. Calculator to set the new dimension of each triangle:

D.O.M.E. Calculator

DOME image stylized