Calculate your own Dome dimension

If you wish a different dimension to your dome, here you can calculate the new dimensions of the triangles.

The dome planned here uses an approximation in frequency 3v, it is known that the higher the frequency the closer to the sphere is, at the same way, more dificulty is to built it.

As a side note, this frequency is proporcional to the quantity of triangles needed to create the sensation of a sphere.

For the D.O.M.E. project, we chose a 3v frequency because it presents a good relationship between form and mounting difficulty. And we chose a sphere cutted in 4/9 porportion and not 1/2, because like this the base will be flat.

Icosahedron Dome Calculator

Geodesic 3V 4/9 Icosahedron Dome (Human is 171cm/5'7")
d = m
(Hit: TAB to recalculate)

  • Aside = m
  • Bside = m
  • Cside = m
  • Dome height = m
  • Surface Area = m2
  • Floor Area = m2


Adapted from / Rene K. Mueller

Cutting the triangles

We need 45 triangles X, and 30 triangles Y (see figure below). Remember, we should add a tab with a width of 2 cm, at least (grey bar in the figure).

Triangles X and Y - Dimensions

The Assembly scheme

Assembly Scheme - image
DOME image stylized